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Grounds Review   for  A G M  28th February 2015


4Lawns care, preparation, laying-out and hoop-setting met the heavy schedule of Club play, Academy Courses, Competitions and Tournaments from March to November 2014.  Performance of the new Contractors SJK Sports Turf Maintenance Ltd., with Ben & Tom; showed a marked improvement.

Enthusiastic comments by the  European and World Women’s Champion (Rachel Rowe), on the Golf Croquet Open, “The Lawns at Southwick were the best I have ever seen them;  we were treated to a mow every day and very firm hoops from the outset”, were most heartening.3


  1. Renovation:  Lawns 1, 2 & 3 were stripped of turf & thatch, harrowed fine, levelled,  germination fleece covered and seeded.  Height of cut is being reduced < 10mm, ready for Opening Day 28th March 2015.
  2. White line marking out has been  undertaken by Contractors, as a matter of course and more frequently.
  1. Lawn 6, hoop 4:  there was an accident with inadvertent Lawn Sand application.  Over-enthusiasm on the exercise to replace with ‘Lay & Play turf‘ (responding to valid observations of Advanced Tournament players) created a protracted, challenging recovery. With hindsight, it would have been best not to have re-turved.
  1. Academy Course – Split lawns:  Two sets of garden hoops and a webbing tape have been introduced.  Twin benefits are from reducing multiple hoop setting work required, whilst tining the lawn.
  1. Sisis Dart tining machine sold1
  2. Tree thinning South of Lawns 1.2 & 3: Network Rail # had been approached on this, in autumn 2013.  There is conspicuous enhancement to light & air.
  1. Privet and leylandii hedges have been cut by Ben & Tom (formerly undertaken by Winter Working Party).
  1. Leaf and debris clearance:  a light, efficient motor blower is available to those who are open to straightforward induction.
  1. Hoop mound reduction  – this has been completed, by Richard Brooks & myself, for a second winter:  on all lawns (bar 1,2 &3):  by level-checks, hollow tining & tamping.

Looking ahead, this time in 2016, Lawns 4, 5, 6,  10 & 11 are to be in counterpart condition of renovation to 1, 2 & 3.  That will leave 7, 8 & 9 to complete renovation of all eleven lawns by March 2017 on schedule to be prepared to host major, revenue-generating events.

We are conscious that there remain improvements to be made.

2Start of 2015 season:  Besides micro tining and sorrel rolling of all lawns (with resumption of increased mowing frequency and gradually reduced height of cut) Moss infected lawns will be treated with 9-0-0 +11 (Calcium Nitrate).  Pest and disease control will be applied and nutrition applied as necessary.

Drainage – feasibility studies are to be made.

This autumn, end-of season operations are to begin in August, co-inciding with the 5-lawns renovations.  This should minimise the delays through wet and frosty conditions.

Tournaments will have to be adjusted in days, to accommodate that priority.