Imants Shockwave

Soil compaction is a major problem for all sports turf facilities. Compaction is the prime cause of poor root development and the under utilisation of air, water and key nutrients. Regular decompaction and aeration is 80% of essential turf maintenance, and the single most important and beneficial operation carried out by Course Managers / Superintendents and Groundsmen.

Decompaction relief by laterally displacing the root zone with scythe cutting blades operating to a maximum depth of 400mm.

When combined with the forward tractor speed, this creates a wave action which shatters the soil and breaks upsoil compaction consistently across the full working width and depth of the machine.

There is minimal surface disturbance or damage to the soil structure, play is able to take place immediately after procedure.

Improves drainage and encourages deeper healthier root development. We run both the 2.2m for winter sports pitches, fairways and polo pitches etc. and the 1.55m for golf greens and tees, bowling greens, cricket tables and stadium pitches.